... As Tempelhof welcomes the fair on its ground, from the necklace of pavilions animating in bright red and white dots the abandoned land of flight. While setting up an area of collective experimentation and presentation, a group of people commits itself to unveil the history and narratives inhabiting and crossing over the area of Tempelhof.

This group sets up a tactic of collective investigation following its own thread. It borrows a technique of anonymous calls for actions, called missions (from the latin missio, calling), by which an anonymous and changing entity within the group calls up a task force in the group, sometimes including an external agent for its skills, knowledge, proximity, etc... to accomplish the mission.

The called group exists from the moment it is showing up at the meeting point, and it exists only for the duration of the mission. Anyone is free to leave at any point. Once showing up at the meeting point, the group will not wait too long for those who still should join – It doesn't know if everybody is there.

Now the group decides on how to accomplish the mission and how to document it with any digital mean (video, sound, photos, texts, scans, etc...). The group has 72 hours from the meeting point to realize the mission, send back the documentation of it and the new mission for a new task force to the messenger, xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx.

A mission consists of:

- a place, date and time where the group meets. It has to be accessible and take into account the main program, but also the known schedules of the addressees. It should be as realistic as possible.

- an addressed group of minimum 2 persons. It can be anybody from the recipients of this email, but it can be completed with external agents. You do not send it directly to the group, you send the list of the group to the messenger. He will then send the mission out to the group.

- an action

- an short intention statement (3 lines)

The last possible mission meeting point is Thursday June 21 at 19.00. The last documentation has to be sent it Saturday June 23 10.00. The result will be shown Sunday June 24 at 16.00. The mission should be held on the area on Tempelhof or in direct relation to it.