" For a year I came to vienna as a host student at the Academy of fine arts. I took the entry examination as possibility to start a videofilm, in which I would like to question the image that left Vienna in my experience. "

With this sentence starts the movie : The image of the city constructs itself. This image appears first trough the narration of small daily moments. At that point, The city exists as living space trough little stories.
But the film asks for more : With a quiet logical deconstruction of the narrative structure, the question shifts to the possibility itself of telling experiences : How is it possible to state a daily happening as an original experience of it’s own ? What for a space is needed to construct and report a experience ?
The film ends with its formal logic. The narration is destroyed. But at that point some images just stays in mind, floating in an undefinied space ; solitary, good for nothing, unsignificant.

Vienna 2001

Ein Jahr in Wien
Videofilm, 11'
Organisatorenpreis at the bochumer video festival 01
showed at the annual exhibition of the academy curated by Barbara Van der Linden

stills from the video