posterproject in collaboration with architects at the exhibition Ausflug, Robert-Stolz Platz, Vienna 2001

The architects took one decision at the beginning of their reflections on which they construct their space. The decision was to make an exhibition room that is "open", able to confront with the public space of the street, in opposition with the classical white cube of museums or galleries. From that they acted as architects, with their methods of environmental analysis and projections systems: this produced a endless pile of sketches that traces the path to the effective realisation.
My action wanted to make a transposition of their process and make it visible. On the one hand the sketches shows a thinking possibilty that makes oneself more sensible to the influence of each details of the environment, and the style of sketches keeps somehow exciting to the eye: their exhibition may bring the visitor in a state of selfprojection.
On the other hand, constructing on one decision that is kept silent, in the background, the whole process is framed within a structure that is difficult to name and to problematize: What is really an open room, an exposition room?
Starting from that point, I made posters in the style of posters announcing concerts or any other popular events and mixed them up on a wall visible from the project with the usual posters: I reproduced and scaled up around 60 sketches, classified and numbered them with the main process steps of the architects (environment analysis, construction and space concepts, projections, realisation details).
I glue a first serie for the opening. After two weeks I had to make a second serie. Now the poster will slowly interfere with the "real" posters, until they disappear as the event is over.