Summer Colony for Bats and Humans, outdoor installation for Bex&Arts 2008 (wood, wire, tape & tape recorder)
Following the design of DIY shelters for bats, I colonized an old tree with five bat-scaled and one human-scaled shelter: bats receive an artificial home, responding to their need for shelters as their natural habitat is destroyed by man; humans join the bat crowd by being able to listen to my conference on the art of hosting, animal and human relationships, art and empathy, quoting literary sources, or better said, literary friends.

In the human-scaled shelter a tape recorder plays the transcript of the conference for bats I made in 2003 ( link to the conference ). The recording is unique and the the record button is left free to use to intervene on the conference.

By the end of the summer, as the bat shelters remained empty, the tape in the human shelter got filled up with screams, questions, salutations of all kinds all over the original conference. The invitation for intervening on the conference has been taken up by the visitors. The tape hosts now an anonymous crowd of people, a different kind of shelter for voices from many to many. The exploration of the intimate relations between shelter and hosting, friendship and empathy, masses and the self, bat and humans is to be continued...