Pic et Terre – Gallery show with Jérôme Leuba at Blancpain Art Contemporain, Geneva, 16 January - 21 March 2014

My works are a series of synthetic objects combining different elements from crude earth building technologies, swiss oil drilling history, extended psychanalysis and vital space protection engineering.

Model of an Xbloc basis, industrial wavebreaker, out of corrugated steelsheets formely used for the model of Arnex's oil rig
"From before Digging the Memory till after Surface Recovery", based on the paper sheets on which was published the fictional dialogue "Arnex-1: 20'000 leagues under the Asphalt"
"Worm without a Hole", videoloop, 15min
obsolete decantation test for the composition of crude earth building, sealed with bitumen, unlimited edition
"R.S.I.", Borromean knot made of rings for rockslide protection nets