The people were invited on a bustour, meeting on the 1st june 2001, at 10h, at the Café Sperl.
Approximately 40 person were there and gets in... The bus starts and simultaneously a video
starts, shown in the videomonitors of the bus.
It shows a man running along the same way as the bus...

As the runner enters a portal, the video gets black. Outside, coming out of the portal, a man in suit
with a red shirt and red tie comes out and stumbles down on the street...

The running man is back again, and suddenly cut by a skateboradingvideoclip on a coloured skate-park,
outside, three young skaters with red clothes cross the road of the bus and disappear, as the
skateclip fades out. the running man is back until...

...the bus reaches the café Aïda at the Opera, with its Buren like stores. At a table, a man drinks a
red campari. He is Marcus Geiger, an artist who in 1998 painted in red the Secession, the exhibiti-on
house built 1898 by Obrist for the secessionist movement. The tour goes on...

... and as we arrive to the place were the former Kunsthalle by Krischanitz (it has been destroyed
as the Kunsthalle moved to the Museumsquartier) a japanese guide appears on the monitor to tell
us something in japanese. At the same time, outside, the same guide with a group of tourists are
looking at the empty place, and the bus turns around them like on a movie travelling... Coming to
the Opera again, we see the running man running through the underground walkingtrough and all
around the opera, and further to the Kunsthistorische Museum ...

The bus leaves the Ring to enter the garden between the two old museums and turns further, to
the back of the Kunsthistorische Museum. The video is black, the busriders are waiting for some-thing...
and there, right in the back street of the KHM, a group of people wearing red clothes again
with their labradors, stands as a strange Still Nature ...

The man run and run again, passing by the gallery road of Eschenbachgasse. Black. Outside, the
same suited man is crossing the street and stumbles again...

The man disappears somewhere in the front of
the academy. The bus tourists are coming
back, happy and refreshed as if they were in Tahiti.