Crude earth benches built in the Cité de l'Abreuvoir, Bobigny, in the frame of the cycle Hétérogénéités Situées 2014-2015 pdf-article here

The last Europe Square of the cycle is located in the heart of the Cité de l'Abreuvoir,planned by Emile Aillaut and finished in 1957. Beautiful garden city, its public space is derelict as much as its population desaffiliates itself from the state.


A research in the garden-project where lies the Europe Square of Bobigny revealed the bench as the device able to re-animate a publicness. Built as a prototype to be tested with the inhabitants and connected with a resident theater company, the bench will be followed by others if a critical mass is reached.

With architect Pierre Cauderay and Theater director in residence in de Cité Michèle Renard, we set up a workshop to build a crude earth bench with the inhabitants

These last shots are two years later.