"Europaplatz (Karlsruhe)" is the first show of director Marlene Rigler at the Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand Karlsruhe

Europe Squares (with sculpture)
Colour digital prints, postcards, cloth, vitrine, size variable, 2017

After the undergound metro will be finished, the Europaplatz in Karlsruhe will be refurbished. It should be restored in its original form, but there are of course discussions on what shall be there. The main controversy is about the comeback of a memorial for an elite bataillon that fought in 1870 and during WWI, remembering the places of fight and not the fallen soldiers, and another less heroic modernist sculpture that had been designed as a comment on the first one, a metaphor of Europe as a clumsy phoenix.

In order to fuel the discussion, I set up a display of my collection of images of Europe squares equipped with a sculptural object. It is a model gallery that allows one’s mind to walk through a range of suggestive possibilities, giving a sense in how sculpture impacts on its surrounding space.



"The Mayor's Episodes" are compositions of a satellite view, a postcard and a fiction of a mayor wandering across Europe to see Europe Squares. Here he visits Karlsruhe, Bizerte (Tunesia), Rhinau (France) and Sava (Italy).


Europaplatz (in via de sistemazione)
videoinstallation (two channels synchronized, DV-PAL, 9’52’’, sound)

Two squares filmed in a single shot discuss their situation of ongoing transformation as a state of existence. In a village in southern Italy, Sava, a concerned citizen shoots in close-up the degraded borders and surfaces cornerstones of the square and publishes the video on youtube. I shoot the counter shot of the ongoing building site under the Europaplatz in Karlsruhe.
Link to video: https://vimeo.com/217063834
use the word europe again

Europaplatz (Bühne & Tribüne)
Modified barriers, beer crates, Europalette, straps

The modified barriers propose a metaphoric model of the Europe Square as an urban public stage, hosting the discussion of the videos and the visitors.