Sound Installation for Re-Publica, curated by Estelle Nabeyrat and Fabiana Moraes, Galleria do Largo, Museu da Republica, Rio de Janeiro


Republican Models

Installation at Galeria do Largo, the contemporary art venue of the Museu da Republica, Rio de Janeiro, August 2014: Objects from the museum’s collection, audio-system, vitrines from the museum.

Reflecting on the constitution of the brazilian republic, the installation extracts two objects linking the infrastructures for extracting natural resources and political moves by two brazilian presidents. A model in gold of the first brazilian high oven, gift to president Vargas in 1947, and a miniature oil-barrel with the first deep-sea oil presented to the population by Lula in 2008. A dialogue between the two objects explores their function and symbols as being part of the museum and the history of the brazilian republic.