One-week Workshop for the master Porgramme at the ECAV art school in Sierre (CH)

Workshop: A museum of places of knowledge?

The workshop will raise the question of the link between space and the production of knowledge. Places built for it or where something happened and became a kind of concrete memory of that event: Thoreau's House for Walden, the laboratoires of Marie et Pierre Curie, Judson Church, Black Mountain College, etc... During the workshop, we want to think, collect, sketch what such places can be and what it does mean to recollect them. The aim is a reflection on where does experience today take place.

We will go on with works by Mike Kelley, Mark Dion, AAA, etc… and work with texts by Donna Harraway, the International Situationists, Kevin Lynch, Bruno Latour, Boris Buden.

Fieldwork will take place in the city and investigate what "places of knowledge" exists in the neighbourhood.