The small installation combines two elements referring to two interventions present and past. The stack of poster comes from Mutamenti, a show about the effects of globalization on local cultures (to the poster). The second work is a model for bat colonies which I installed outdoor for Bex&Arts 2008 (to the Installation to be yet documented). Bat colonies result from the observation that the bats disappearing from our environment is mainly due to a disappearing of their natural resorts. As I shared my sudio space in 2003 with those friendly but spooky little animals (to the Conference), I grasped back onto that experience and started a reflection on the struggling but unavoidable coexistences of heterogeneous life forms.

The installation is a set of shifted realities between a narrative imaginary and a reflection on site's condition: The planet-like image is not the moon of the bats' wake-time, but the earth, the models are real-sized, but definitely non-occupied by real bats and the remaining questions about territorial politics on the back of the poster are kept hidden between the sheets of a flattened world.