Eight architecture models out of cardboard are scattered over the space. The function of the buildings is not recognisable and they look like objects produced by industrial engineering. A coloured car-tuning speaker is attached on one of their fassade, giving them a very clear function within the exhibition space. From the speakers are coming noises, sounding like steam machines. Words, then sentences, are being formulated. Quotations from early theorists of aesthetics and industry: Louis H. Sullivan, the american architect who enunciated Form (Ever) Follows Function and Boris Arvatov, who influenced radically russian contructivists. At one point, another voice coming from nowhere, flow trough the buildings with its own urgency:

"I was about to have my coffee
when the news broke in
the machine had broken down
it happened without meltdown
but the conclusion burst into my mind:
ultimately the explosion of all bodies.

I have no time to fictionalize the story
action rather than reaction
I throw myself into the material
digging through obsolete plans
I am the cosmic craftsman
on the site of transformation:

extreme physicality
of the daily dysfunctionality
the city loses its synthesis
plans are leading nowhere
every second another crisis
about another place we share

we are here and we are there
models with no image and no representation
we are home made atomic bombs
directed by beams of sensations
we have many forms and many functions
The materiality itself constitutes the 3rd dimension"

Cardboard, speakers, 8 channel audio system, size variable, 2009, photos: Yves Mettler