"The Mason And The River" is a video created in relation to the work Unfrastructure, a series of earth benches on river banks in Môtiers, Val-de-Travers, for the festival Artmôtiers 2015
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Text: Yves Mettler & Reza Negarestani

Voice: Olivier Loup

Stills: Pierre Cauderay, Christian Mermet,
Yves Mettler, Lou Mettler, Tilo Steireif,
Richard Fulop, Stéphane Wihlem

Video footage from internet (youtube):
- How Rivers Form Animation
- 3D Indus River Flood 2010 Model
- Johnstown-flood.mov
- Fast hydraulic erosion simulation and visualization on GPU (2007)
- #1 3Ds Max & Phoneix FD Tutorial - River Simulation & Rendering
- 3D simulation of a River Restoration

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