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The Mayor, The Numbers and The Midi 03/2016 Installation for the exhibition Imagine Europe, Bozar, Brussels
Europaplatz (mit Brunnen) 10/2015 Postcards&satellite views of Europe Squares with fountains, groupshow Svillupo/Parallelo curated by Noah Stolz, Kunstmuseum Luzern
Europacity in Berlin: beyond the masterplan 07/2015 One month workshop investigating the grounds of the upcoming Europacity next to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof with the AFFECT residency program, Agora, Berlin
Unfrastructure 06/2015 The unfolding of cognition coincides with the transition from a reactive stance to the catastrophic logic of time to a proactive reintegration of the logic of non-manifest catastrophes as an engine to originate forms of thought yet unenvisaged by limits of imagination. Videopoem released along ArtMôtiers 2015 and composed with Reza Negarestani.
Bancbigny 06/2015 yet another bench building with architect Pierre Cauderay, Theater company director Michèle Renard and the boulistes of the Cité de l'Abreuvoir, Bobigny
Gallarate 01/2015 In-&outdoor installation for the Exhibition "Voglio vedere le mie montagne", Museo d'art contemporaneo, Gallarate
stellamaris-atlas.net 01/2015 design and launch of the website archiving the Stella Maris Project by Noah Stolz
Drucken Heften Laden 01/2015 I took part as member of the editorial board of the Zeitschrft in the seminar organised by the group Berliner Hefte at NGBK A follow-up group publishes a quarterly-paper about independant publishing activities in Berlin.
Regressive Landscape 10/2014 The Sun is the Ultimate capital, NGBK, Berlin
Republican Model 08/2014 Sound Installation for Re-Publica, curated by Estelle Nabeyrat and Fabiana Moraes, Galleria do Largo, Museu da Republica, Rio de Janeiro
Mais elle est où cette place de l'Europe? 06/2014 groupshow and closing event of Situated Heteroigeneities, with Arnaud Elfort, Jeremy Lecomte&Juan Camelo and Tilo Steireif, Khiasma, Les Lilas
le banc 06/2014 After spending two years spending time in the Cité de l'Abreuvoir which hosts the only Place de l'Europe with surrounding streetnames including cities outside Europe, we decided building what was missing
Album 1981 06/2014 Landsoundscape installation with Gilles Aubry, reconstructing the spirit of the first BexArts exhibition back in 1981
winterurlaub zweittausenvierzehn 02/2014 Spending time with Erik Göngrich in Lichtenberg during the coldest week of the year. Booklet edited with the residency program Lichtenberg Studios directed by Uwe Jonas
Pic et Terre 01/2014 With Jérôme Leuba, Blancpain Art Contemporain, Geneva
Prints hates us all 09/2013 group perfomance of the editorial board at the Freies Theater, Innsbruck
Spaces of Intimacy 09/2013 Workshop given with Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga and RAUMEXPERIMENTE within "The Institute Effect", Third Architecture Triennal, Lisabon
Hbf-Hbf 08/2013 "Real Estate Opportunities", groupshow along with works by Marte Eknæs, Wilhelm Klotzek, Ariane Müller & Martin Ebner, Mandla Reuter, Valerie Stahl von Stromberg, Eva-Maria Wilde
Embassy Town (and what happens in the mettlen of it) 08/2013 Intervention in the park of the Villa Mettlen, Muri/Bern, in the groupshow "An den Rändern", along with works by Pauline Bastard, Catrin Bolt, Isabelle Krieg, Jérôme Leuba, Reto Steiner, Christian Vetter, Katharina Anna Wieser
Des places de l'Europe: Lausanne, Berlin, Bobigny et compagnie 06/2013 Public Intervention on the Place de l'Europe, show including Jeremy Lecomte at Standard/Deluxe, Lausanne
When Site Lost the Plot 05/2013 Art research Symposium, Goldsmiths, 7–9 May 2013 organized by Robin McKay
Yes we share a secret 04/2013 Public Intervention on Rosa-Luxemburgplatz and performance including Tilo Steireif and Arnaud Elfort at Verein zu Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburgplatz, Berlin
Now it's too late, again... 01/2013 I nstallation for "In the Shape of Things to Come", groupshow curated by Sonia Leimer at Vesch, Vienna
Business Recovery/
Disaster Continuity
12/2012 Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum St-Gallen
Babel et les archives 12/2012 Presentation of my archive Babel at the activation of Des Formes de Vies at the City the archives of Aubervilliers, a project by Franck Leibovici & Les laboratoires d'Aubervilliers
Matter of Contradiction 09/2012 Art and the anthropocene: Hypothesis in a collective. Workshop at Treignac Projects & conference series, Centre d'art de Vassivières
Mission Tempelhof 06/2012 Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin
Black Move 05/2012 Show following strings of a mobile asphalt fabric and a military fantasy from 1981, with Gilles Aubry, Kunsthaus Langenthal
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Asphalt 04/2012 A gutter psychological thriller by Yves Mettler and Reza Negarestani
Puits de Forage de pétrole, Arnex, 1929 (Place Riponne) 02/2012 R ecomposition of an Oil Rig, Musée cantonal des beaux-arts, Lausanne
Beschreibung einer Arbeit für Klagenfurt 01/2012 Die Illustrierte Ausstellung, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Groupshow von Catrin Bolt und Edith Payer
Puits de Forage de pétrole, Arnex, 1929 (Place Riponne)
12/2011 Reconstitution of an Oil Rig, festival Les Urbaines, Lausanne
EU R US 12/2011 the book extending our experiences with Europe and the USA, with Erin O. Weber and Alexander Wolff, Westphalie Verlag, Vienna
mIcropolItIque 10/2011

an object resulting from our collaboration with PROSES and a group from the pilot project SPEAP of Bruno Latour at Sciences-Po, Paris

La place de l'Europe dans la ville 10/2011 Master about art and the public space, with Professor Patricia Falguières, EHESS, Paris
Many Tunnels 06/2011 "Staging Voices", groupshow at Progr, Bern
showing "Isolation" 06/2011

a movie proposal to share on post-war representation for Illegal Cinema, Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers

Places of knowledge: an open air museum 05/2011 proposal for a Kunst-am-Bau at the Gymnasium, Bregenz
Exposed Matter & Cour Intérieur 04/2011 Art+Architecture, exposition pour la 15N d'architecture vaudoise, Centre Culturel, Assens
Paysages après la bataille 01/2011 Performance in the show "Nous ne notons pas les fleurs, dit le géographe", curated by Virginie Bobin and Julia Kläring, Betonsalon, Paris
Das Dorf ist ein Teil der Stadt & Memory Maps 11/2010 two interventions, including a collaboration with Gilles Aubry for the show Das Dorf at the Kunsthaus Langenthal
matter of experience 10/2010 Installation for Invisible Play, a workshop organised by Catrin Bolt and Sonia Leimer, in the frame of Istanbul European Cultural Capital 2010
recycling machine 10/2010 one image from Cairo for shimmer.ch
Is 09/2010 science meet art, workshop, Berlin
Paperbar 11/2009 Edition for the Paperbar held by the Zeitschrift at the Passagengalerie, Vienna
THE SURVIVAL GROUP 2°37E, 48°86N 11/2009 Galerie Ars Longa, groupshow by Survival Group & Estelle Nabeyrat, Paris
invisible place 11/2009 "Zeigen, An Audio-Tour through Berlin by Karin Sander, Kunsthalle Berlin
D ézaley 11/2009 Edition pour R. & V. Chevalley, Rivaz
Konkrete Ränder der Heimlichkeit 10/2009 Solo show, Annex14, Bern
Corps Sonore 09/2009 Models with speakers shown at Archizoom, EPFL, Lausanne
Cairo pieces recollected 09/2009 Im Schatten der Pyramiden, Haus für Kunst, Altdorf
Models with Speakers 06/2009 8-channel Sound Installation on function and projection, swiss art awards, Basel
Raumforschung 06/2009 Projekt mit Studenten auf dem Flugplatz Werneuchen
Full scale models for artificial bat shelters 05/2009 Installation for the flat show organised by Jaro Straub, Berlin
Europe Squares (Berlin, Bruxelles, Lille & Calais) 05/2009 Festival Extra 09, L'esthétique des frontières, Bonlieu Scène nationale, Annecy
And he doesn't even have the good Robert Smithson Book 04/2009 Performance by Erin Olivia Weber, Yves Mettler, Alexander Wolff, in the show Aspanggründig, Bawag Contemporary, Vienna
Aspanggründig 04/2009 Solo Show, Installation with blind vitrines talking about another off space, Bawag Contemporary, Vienna
Interview on Europe Squares 04/2009 online videointerview by Cecilia Cardoso
Modellhaft 03/2009 Tal- & Bergstation still on tour in a groupshow curated by Pierre-André Lienhard, Kunstraum Riehen
Many Tunnels and Others 02/2009 Many Tunnels is shown along with Exologisms and Control Tower in the groupshow Aufgeräumte Zimmer, Kunstmuseum Thun
Classic Rock, Classics and Classical 12/2008 Performance by Erin Olivia Weber, Yves Mettler, Alexander Wolff, at Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin
A trip from Berlin to Calais and back 10/2008 A video for Archilab Europe 08 – Strategic Architecure, FRAC Centre, Orléans
Elseworlds: Ein utopisches Museum 09/2008 Opening talk for a public art work by Sonia Leimer and Christian Mayer
Exologisms, Bat conference 08/2008 Open Sky - Räume jenseits ihrer Praxis, Schloss Ilz
The Gladiator, the Saracen and the Base-ball Player 08/2008 Forte San Gallo, festival Rifrazioni (glocal 08), Nettuno
modern heads talking europe 07/2008 Performance by Erin Olivia Weber, Yves Mettler, Alexander Wolff, Kim Bar, Berlin
Summer Colony for Bats and Humans 06/2008 Installation for Lasciami (leave me), Bex&Arts, Switzerland
no more uncanny site! 06/2008 Swiss Art Awards, Basel
Europe Squares (Berlin, Bruxelles, Lille & Calais) 04/2008 Postcard set for No Place – Like Home, perpectives on migration in Europe, Argos, Brussels
Zone Résidentielle & Europe Square (a trip) 04/2008 Nothing to declare, IVth Oberschwaben Triennal of contemporary art, Friderichshafen & Bregenz
Alexanderplatz 03/2008 Installation, Drucke & Collagen mit Eva-Maria Wilde, Blancpain Art Contemporain, Genève
Exologisms 01/2008 Georg Kargl Box, Vienna
A tunnel with stories 01/2008 commissioned art in public space project in Aarburg (CH), in collaboration with bunq architectes
Europe Square (table) 09/2007 Sculpture and postcards for L'Europe en Devenir, partie 1, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris
Das leere Subjekt des Künstlers 09/2007 Text zur Ausstellung von Alexander Wolff bei Ben Kaufmann in Berlin
Still stamping the earth 08/2007 A presentation at General Public, Berlin
glocal 08/2007 with Donatella Bernardi and Beat Lippert
Festival RIFRAZIONI, Nettuno, Italia
Yet, In The Middle ... 08/2007 Poster for Mutamenti, Bellinzona
9 ponts (perdustrouvés) 06/2007 Intervention for Môtiers (CH), art en plein air
Cairo remounted 03/2007 Brussel Art Fair
Wiederholt winkt uns
etwas zu
01/2007 soloshow at Annex14, Bern
The stuff stories are made of 01/2007 on Christian Mayer's work Inventing the 20th Century (Bakelite)
Let's Tell Cities 01/2007 Christian Mayer writes on Stewi and Innenhof
This is happening 01/2007 groupshow, Georg Kargl fine arts, Vienna
Groupshow 01/2007 Lab presentation, Tanzquartier, Vienna
A Conference for Bats 12/2006 Video shown in Heimspiel 2006, Kunsthalle St-Gallen
Cairo 10-11/06 2 months residency provided by Pro Helvetia
Control tower 09-10/06 Next Visit, Berlin & Piz Gloria, K26, Leipzig
Eoliennes 09/2006 Kunstmuseum Bonn, Dorothea von Stetten Preis
Centre Boujean 09/2006 Unter 30, centre Pasquart, Bienne, Biel
Terminals, Hotels & Wunderwelten 06/2006 Tal- &Bergstation im Stadtmuseum Graz
Societé des Nations 06/2006 Zeitschrift curates a groupshow at Circuit Lausanne
Europaplatz (3 Kanäle) 05/2006 3 abstract squares for Artcanal (Zihlkanal, Dae-Jong & Berlin)
My flowers aren't always hiding secrets 02/2006 Monography (de/fr) with Texts by Ralf Beil, Konrad Bitterli, Stephen Zepke, and an interview with Peter Hubacher
MANOR Kunstpreis SG 02/2006 Eoliennes, Innenhof, Europaplatz (Lausanne), ... Kunstmuseum, St-Gallen
Pont Bessières 02/2006 Accrochage 2006, Prix du jury 2005, Musée cantonal des beaux-arts, Lausanne
Ville 02/2006 installation in project room of Galerie Blancpain Stepczynski
I: Work Sketch
II: Res Helvetica, Hoerspiel
lII: Hotel Helvetia
2005-06 Colonialism without colonies? Ongoing project with Marion Ronca & Christian Mayer, Shedhalle, Zürich
Computerprints of whales, too 10/2005 Groupshow with Manuel Gorckiewicz and Alexander Wolff in the Pavillion, Wels
another day, another show 10/2005 Text fo the exhibition Flaca at Kunsthaus Langenthal
Europaplatz (Chur) 09/2005 public intervention in Chur (CH,GR)
Die Ritter der Tafelrunde 07/2005 curated by Roland Seidel, Künstlerhauspassage, Vienna
flaca 07/2005 A summer event with the Zeitschrift and Alice Chauchat, London
looks like the weather keeps up 06/2005 virtual room for mix-m.org, centre d'art contemporain, Geneva
Cybermedia_ccc 04/2005 Interview by Beryl Graham with Liliane Schneiter, Anne-Julie Raccoursier and myself
GEMEINBAU 04/2005 with Marion Ronca, Raum für Aktuelle Kunst o.T., Luzern
Die Stadt 04/2005 Installation for a groupshow at annex14, Bern
isolation critique 02/2005 Galleria Laurin, Zurich
meine lieber freund 02/2005 text for the Lassie offspace, Vienna
Schuber für Red motA 02/2005 Folder for the publication of the vs. serie
Zone & Tower 02/2005 Accrochage, musée des beaux-arts Lausanne, prix du Jury

Wilde Brombeeren


Portrait von Christian Egger in Spike Art Quarterly 10/2004

Tower, Façades & Punctures 10/2004 Sculpture for Pilot:1, London, invited by Barnaby Drabble
living room 9/2004 Gruppenaustellung in der Kunsthalle Exnergasse organisiert von Christian Mayer und mir, mit Hrafnkell Birgisson, Andreas Fogarasi, Sonia Leimer, Almut Rink. Dazu Rahmenprogramm.
Zone Résidentielle 7/2004 Museum Liner Appenzell
Tal- & Bergstation 6/2004 Swiss art Awards, Basel
Leere Läden 2/2004 Diashow für die Gruppenaustellung See you later curator… , Lassie, Wien
proxypidemy 11/2003 Performance avec Kim Sop Boninsegni à Forde, Genève, dans le cadre de l'exposition vidéo Telepidemic
nach der Abstraktion 11/2003 Zur Austellung von Alexander Wolff, Christian Mayer und renate Gruber im Café Am Park, Wien
Die Hängende Gärten 10/2003 Skulptur für die Lokale Künstler Austellung im Bis-Zentrum, Mönchengladbach
VOM WESTLAND ... 9/2003 Austellung im Haus Westland, Mönchengladbach, zum Abschluss des Stipendiums
B•TV/TVset 6/2003 Performance et installation avec Kim Sop Boninsegni et Tatiana Oddo, galerie mitterrand, Genève
Europaplatz 5/2003 Swiss Art Awards, Basel
Family tree / Enchassé 1/2003 Quelques mots concernant une exposition en galerie de Kim Sop Boninsegni
Temporary Information Office 12/2002 experiments with information in the 21th century with Christian Egger and Manuel Gorkiewizc
LES RONCIERES 09/2002 projet d'habitation déployé sur un terrain résiduel à côté de l'aéroport de Genève, textes français/english
Allaman (CH) 07/2002 Was glänzt, hat kein eigenes Licht – Interim Platform, Gruppenaustellung in der Galerie Kerstin Engholm
_usée, M va à CCC/Sous-Sol 05/2002 une étude des conditions muséales avec comme professeurs Julie Ault, Martin Beck et Olivier Lugon – programme CCC
das Sofa 04/2002 ein kuratorisches Möbelstück mit Alexander Wolff
3/3 20 02 Video produced for SIGHT-MAPPING, SITE-SEEING organized by the Tokyo videoart center
Quelle langue liquide-t-on? 02/2002 Un article autour de la performance musicale The Hans Schaudi Electromagnetic Experience, Cave 12, Genève
Wohin der Stadtplan nie führen wird 01/2002 Vortrag präsentiert an Transart IV – experiments with the Body without Organ, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien.
Kammerspiel für die Kamera 01/2002 Artikel für die Zeitschrift chicago; zwischen beobachten und beschreiben, wie kann eine Stadterfahrung qualifiziert werden.
Offspace 09/2001 Austellung mit Christian Mayer und Alexander Wolff, im Offspace, Wien
Über den Durchgang... 07/2001 ... einiger Personen durch eine ziemlich kurze Zeiteinheit
Ein interview mit dem schweizer Künstler Yves Mettler. Das Gespräch führte Christian Egger.
Eine Rundfahrt in Wien 06/2001 ... A sightseeing tour with a strange feeling, that I produced for the diploma at the academy, in Vienna.
Plakativ 05/2001 A collaboration with architects on the conception of an "outdoor" exhibition, Vienna
Ein Jahr in Wien 05/2001 Videofilm presented at the annual exhibition of the academy curated by Barbara Van der Linden, Vienna
Animadversor 06/2000 En 1808 un plan fixe l'avenir de NYC, En 1844, Kierkegaard publie Le concept d'angoisse, et Marx ses Manuscrits. En 1996, je m'écroule sous le ciel de NYC. Quelle histoire se montre? Texte du mémoire écrit en 2000, en français. übersetzten deutschen Artikel / english abstract available
BLOCK 03/2000 An exhibition produced by students of the academy of fine arts Vienna, curated by Ute Meta Bauer invited by the non-profit Gallery ApexArt, New-York City.
anciennement les sites d'études du séminaire Walter Benjamin
06/1997 Le séminaire Walter Benjamin/critique de l'histoire, au sein de l'école des beaux-arts de genève produit chaque année, depuis 1996, un site web constitué par les étudiants, comportant des "pièces-écran personnelles" où l'interface web est explorée comme mode de montage de l'histoire(s).
retrospective/radioactive 12/1999 an early selection of images and texts
thelabel 06/1999 This is my pseudo since the beginning of my activity on the web, in correlation with the domain chosen in 1996.

Yves Mettler realizes interventions in the public space and sound installations that present a narrative fabric made of analyses and stories extracted from architecture, engineering, history and social geography, giving the making of the urban environment a polyphonic, and often humorous, expression. The works move between scales and build a sense for today’s global urbanization process

In 2013 he initiated a series of shows about the Europe Squares of Berlin, Lausanne and Bobigny, shown at the Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur Rosa-Luxemburgplatz, Berlin, Standard/Deluxe, Lausanne et Khiasma, Les Lilas. His works have been shown at Museum for contemporary art, Gallarate (2015), Kunsthaus Langenthal (2012), Bawag Contemporary (2009),  Kunstmuseum Thun (2009), Argos (2008) et Archilab (2008).

Artiste travaillant avec les médias classiques de l'exposition et recherchant des nouvelles formes de transformations. La formalisation des interactions personnelles et collectives et leurs expressions urbaines (architecture générique) et politiques (formation d'une culture "européenne) sont ses champs d'intérêts principaux.

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