Where is Europe ?

The Europe Square project and the Mayor projects

A few examples of works realized for the ongoing project since 2002.

The Mayor, the Numbers and the Midi

Europe: In the Search of new Narrative, Bozar, Brussels

The room provides several works as entry points about urban spaces called Europe Square. The works explore the way a concrete (urban, public) space can be connected to the (symbolic, abstract, distant) space made and named Europe. Modified barriers for working sites and beer crates from all over Europe serve as basic furniture. A surplus suggest a further extension or modification of the space. The table provides satellites views and a series of statistics of over 250 Europe Squares, freely browsable by the public. While the data is available, the question rises of who is enabled of making concrete use of them. An assemblage of original postcards & photos provide a thematic mapping of the relation of cities and european thematics. A fictive report mayor gone missing after searching for the ideal Europe Square provides a narrative structure. At the end of the room a double videoslideshow shows the local Europe Square of Brussels. The slideshow asks the viewer to recall his own memory of the square. While one monitor concentrates on the cycle of the weekly market, the other one reports on the physical features of the square, thus marking the rythmic complementarity of the empty square and its weekly occupation.


Performance with Audio-guide, Place de l'Europe, Lausanne

Audio-guide for a fictional visit of Europe square in two other cities, Bobigny and Berlin. Using the genre of Science-fiction, the audio-guide teleports the listener to the other city square and describes it, anchoring it onto details of the actual square, activating the listeners imaginary.

Piazza Europa (Gallarate)

Installation with displaced and repurposed urban furniture
Groupshow Voglio vedere le mie montagne, Stella-Maris Archive (Noah Stolz), MAGA, Gallarate, Italy

Unused concrete flowerbeds from the rooftop of the parking building occupying Gallarate’s Europe Square are repurposed to equip the empty area in front of the museum with seating and sandboxes. A roughly built viewing platform with concrete blocks formed in the flowerbeds, gives a view onto the rearranged square. On the platform one can listen to the maosnry, about good and bad concrete casting, and look at postcards of the Europe Square

Place de l'Europe (Table)

L'Europe en Devenir, Partie 1, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris

building site barriers repurposed and assembled for multiple functionalities, here as a table in an exhibition.